Nelson Dock Yard

Finally we arrived, Antigua offered a rainy night , at 23:40 the Anchor was firm in the sea beed in Falmouth Harbor. Of course we had to empty the bow locker to get access to the inspection hatch for the anchor chain, as it hand tumbled around in the heavy seas. Kerstin had to sort it out before the chain run out smoothly. A bottle of Champagne was consumed before we went to bed. We all slept relatively well, but no time for rest, we needed to clear in, but before that breakfast. The dingy needed to be inflated and launched this was done during a torrential rain, so Thomas and I took a well deserved shower in the heavy but rather nicely tempered rain. Finally everything was fixed and we decided to move to Nelson Dock Yard just a few miles away. Now we have tied up and enjoyed lunch so time for relax, socializing with other Salty Dawg participants but very few has arrived yet. And of course to discover. Antigua. Total distance 1683 nM 6,7 kn 10 days 12 hours
Total motoring 715 nM 5,8 kn 5 days 3 hours
Total Sailing 968 nM 6,7 kn 5 days 9 hours.
Now we are tiered

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4 Responses to Nelson Dock Yard

  1. Info says:

    Skönt att allt gick bra för er, vi hörde om “vädret” som drabbade endel båtar! Det går en härlig promenad, över berget, mellan English och Falmouth harbour, om ni inte redan hittat den 🙂

    Må så gott hälsar Jeanette & Fredrik på s/y Bushpoint

    > 16 nov. 2018 kl. 16:18 skrev S/Y Kerpa : > >


  2. Lennart Danielsson says:

    Farten under segel blir 7.5 knop i snitt, inte illa alls.
    Ha det så bra i Karibien.
    Lennart och Birgit


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