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Already as a little boy when reading about iconic sailors such as Joshua Slocum, Francis Chichester, Robert Knox-Johnston and other sailors who sailed down in “The roaring Forties,” rounded Cap Horn or South Africa’s tip, the thought was raised, I would also like to do that. I saw myself sitting alone in the cockpit with ice cold salt water flushing all over the boat with the wind howling in the rig …

I read all books I could access. Most dearly I read about those who visited exotic islands, and I dreamed of adventurous encounters in isolated islands with descendants of cannibals who might even get a bite out of the cannibal stew when no one was looking.

I got my first boat when I was about 10 years, it was a little clinker-built dinghy of just over two meters, on which my brother put sword on the sides like a Dutch Tjalk. My dad, who worked as a deckhand in his youth on one of the last sailing ships, sewed a logger sail of an old sheet. I can guarantee that she did not sail well on the contrary and since no one in the family know how to sail including myself. Without proper instruction I lay the most and drove. Nevertheless, my interest in sailing did not diminished.

Long time and many boats later, including a few classic Swedish wooden boats, and “classic” Swedish GRP boats such as Albin Vega, Fisksatra S30 a Maxi 108 by Pelle Pettresson and more than 10 years as part-owners in various boats with homeports in Greece, the dream changed its character.



I (Paul) enjoying a beer in the shadow of an Olive tree

I do not want to sail alone, shared joy is double joy and shared worries is half worries, and I’m a lucky person and have a wonderful wife who also loves to sail and after over 25 years of brainwashing from my side, she also shares my dream. Maybe not that about rounding the Cape Horn and navigate the Strait of Magellan but cruising warm waters along the “milky way” where the sun is always shining, and wind is comfortably warm and from behind.



Kerstin on the wonderful island Kastos in The Ionian Sea

For a long time, it seemed as if the dream would remain a dream, but one day we found the courage and took the decision to realize our dream.
We got rid of most of our belongings, our house, furniture, our boats as boataholic, of course one need several boats. We bought a suitable boat for live aboard and long-distance cursing, an Amel SM 2000 a choice we never have regretted, on the contrary when the going gets tough we look at each other and praise the boat we have

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  1. Susanne says:

    Hej på er.
    Fick höra från Nisse att ni är ute på ett riktigt äventyr. Vad coola ni är. Ska följa er resa. Själv är jag numera omgift med en riktigt sjöman, Erik. Han jobbar på ett svenskt skolsegelfartyg, båten heter Älva och tillhör Marina Läroverket i Stocksund. Just nu ligger de på Teneriffa och jag ska dit på Söndag och bryggsegla en vecka.
    Var rädda om er.
    Kram Susanne


    • sykerpa says:

      Kul att höra av dig, hoppas att du får det varmt och skönt precis som vi har det här i Turkiet när du kommer till Teneriffa


  2. Johan Österberg says:

    Vilken kul blogg! Ni verkar ha det härligt, vilket äventyr. Tråkigt med Kerstins handled. Jag känner sympati, har ju viss erfarenhet på området:)



    • sykerpa says:

      Jo tänkte faktiskt på dig då Kerstin bröt sig. Kul att du gillar bloggen, hoppas det blir lite intressantare när vi börjar segla igen


  3. fam bjurenström says:

    akta er för fula fiskar.


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