Arrived Bermuda

Yesterday we arrived to Bermuda we tied up at the costumes dock at 1300 the 16 th of May after 5 days and 4 hours, 816 nM where off 318 by engine, the last day and a half by engine as very little wind but also due to a break down of our top swivel for our head sail.

So not very dramatic crossing weather vise, but break down vise more problematic. So direct after anchoring in St George we toke down the head sail to inspect the top swivel, and this is what we found.


A broken swivel, all ball bearings had fallen out, so now I need to go up the rig and examine if there is any damage on the head foil, and I who do not like heights!!!

I have already contacted Amel and they have the swivel in stock in France, so as soon as I get a delivery adress I will order one, but first I will investigate if there are any further damage and need for spare parts

But that was not the only thing a big teer in the heed sail about 120 cm from the top

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No idea what has caused this, but I’m rather sure it was close to rip apart and falling down. So urgent need for a sail maker, luckily there are one just close to the dingy dock

As mentioned earlier he out haul mechanism broke down


Do not think the broken bolt is the real problem, just an indication of that something is seriously wrong.

Self tailer

A bent self tailing device, causing damage to other parts of the winch

Main winch

so now it works as a non self tailing winch.

We have a lot of things to sort out besides, oil change and regular maintenance, so guess little time for exploring most time on boat work. Luckily we came early to Bermuda and hopefully enough time to fix everything before our Crew is coming the 3 of June.

Just a short update more to follow from our time in Bahamas, soon??


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Another day at the sea

Not very much to report, Yesterday morning sailing was good, then wind start to shift so we had to jibe a few times and that is bit cumbersome when sailing with pool out head sail, not really a big deal, but we are rather tiered now, so every extra thing to do feels, especially as it was raining now and then. In the evening the wind was to soft for sailing the waves were rather large and from more than one direction causing the sails to “flogg” with extra wear and tear. At 1800 yesterday our Volvo Penta went into service and still is and probably will be until tomorrow when we arrive to Bermuda. The forecast says very light wind, now totally calm

During the night there where major areas with thunder storms well visible on the radar luckily we just manage to escape so we could admire it on safe distance.
An other thing we had admired is the very special moonshine the last nights, it has been cloudy but obviously not very dense clouds. The light from the moon trickled through the clouds making the night to lit up a bit in a way we have never seen before like a VERY big difusor, beautiful. The moon it self has not been visible.

Distance Last 24 h 136 nM whereof 87 by engine

Remaining distance 146 nM
ETA around noontime tomorrow May 16

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An eventfull day

Yesterday offered some events, first we got a squall that we did not saw coming but should have expected, suddenly the wind shifted almost 180 degree, and increased to + 35 kn. Not exactly the best wind change when sailing with pooled out genoa.
We furled the genoa immediately and no damage to the head sail. Sailing with Autopilot in wind mood does not help at such sudden wind shifts. The squall lasted maybe 30 minutes. Then very little wind so we motored for a few hours before the wind went back to “normal”. The rain that came with squall lasted most of the day and was occasionally very heavy. Next event when setting sails after the squall our out haul mechanism broke down severely, no quick fix we need to dismantle the whole thing and probably replace not only the gear box but also the line tender as well. So in the rain I had to arrange a set up with block and rope to install a manual out haul that we can operate from the cockpit. I had to make a few trials In the rain on the bouncy deck before I was reasonably happy with the solution, not my favorite activity but It worked over the night. I might do some fine tuning either today, but hopefully it can wait until we reach Bermuda. Our hydro generator catch Saragossa sea weed, especially yesterday when raining so I had to go several times to clear the propeller, sometimes just 15 minutes after the precious cleaning. Not to fun when tiered to go out in the rain, but is one of the Captains duty. The hydro generator does not give as expected maybe 5A (24v) average but together with the solar our batteries ar at 100 % charge some times after noontime. Surprisingly how much the panels charge even during days with clouds and some rain.
Luckily we have not encounter any more squalls, during the night we saw thunder storms in the distance but nothing close. We hope this is the TS that we was warned about. We were well reefed down during the night we took a conservative strategy during the night if we would run into any squall or thunderstorm Now we have 280 nM to go made 131 nem last 24 h not very impressive Wind SSW ca 15 kn App. Again sailing with a pooled out genoa. Cloudy and the rain is hanging in the air.
Expect to arrive 16 th at noon time, unless the wind go down to much, forecast indicate lighter wind tomorrow, but in that case I think we ask our Volvo Penta for some help to avoid another night out at sea.

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Day three

Progress yesterday was very slow with wind from behind. Poled out headsail and Balooner* gave speed just over 3 kn., between 0900 and 1800 we only made 33 nM, average speed 3,6 kn, The sun was shining so we toke some rest just doing nothing but listening to Pod radio. Watching some dolphins playing for a while with Kerpa Pizza for lunch and hamburger for dinner, both tasted very good.
During the night the wind picked up occasionally 20 kn true and waves was building so we toke down the Balooner at first light. Reducing speed from 7-8 kn down to 6, but now +/- 5 kn. Total distance day three 122nM
Current position N 30 04 W 71 56 at 0900 local time.
Distance to go 405, distance made 411 (awr 5,6 kn), so half way if we continue with the similar speed we should be at Bermuda 16 th before noon.
Got mail from a fellow cruiser also heading for Bermuda, informing us that tonight some bad squalls and Tuesday night some intense thunderstorms is expected

* Balooner is a Amel specific head sail made in nylon same as normal spinnakers. The Balooner is hoisted on the same furling profile as the standard head sail. There is a locking mechanism in the top swivel and The halyard is then taken down, thus one can furl both the head sail and the Balooner simultaneously, very net if wind picks up suddenly or if there are squalls.

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Not a good sstart of the day

Progress yesterday was rather good close reaching, 82 nM first 12 h, but only 67nM the other half during the night. Now in the.morning the 12 th we have wind from behind and current against us. With the Balooner and Genoa both pooled out speed is only just over 3 knots. Wind is supposed to pick up a bit, but only slight and more or less from behind so no good prospect for a fast passage. Further our main sheet had tangled it self around the main winch destroying the self tailing parts, no good solution yet hope a cup of coffee make the spirit stronger and my tiered mind a bit sharper. With current speed we will not reach Bermuda until the 18th at night. A few dolphins come and played around our bow to comfort us a bit. A lot of Saragossa weed fouling the propeller of our hydro generator so not to much power from it, but the solar give good juice to our batteries they are at 100% in the afternoon. Pos N28 37 W 73 18
506 nM to go.

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