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The posts from 2015 and 2016 and half  of the posts from 2017 are in Swedish, but you can use Google translate, not excellent, but…..

Our Track from 2015-2019

Track 2015-2019 f

 2015 At Raphael to Finike Turkey Posts 2015

2016 Finike to Martinique via Canary Island and Cape Verde Posts 2016

2017 Martinique to Nantucket via Bahamas and New York, Lay up in Chesapeake Bay Posts 2017

2018 Chesapeake, Maine, Virginia, Virgin Island     Posts 2018                                 

2019 Virgin Island, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica,  Cuba, Bermuda Azores, Lagos, Portugal Posts 2019


Back in The Caribbean again, Interesting places we visited that was new to us this time was: Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba, Back to Europe via Bahamas, Bermuda and The Azores. The Azores the most beautiful area we visited so fare, Do Not Miss It!


2018 Maine, USA to St Barth and a short road tripp in USA

About a road tripp in California to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Cruising up to Maine, Back to Chesapeake and the Sawlty Dawg Rally across Gulf Stream to Antigua, in rather rough weather. And a lot of boat work, such as new instruments, and the installation of a Swi-Tec hydro-generator. Hope you find something of Interest




Caribbean, BVI, Bahamas, Grounding, New York, New England, hopefully interesting reading about upp’s and down’s

Posts after Bahamas are in English



From Finike to Bequia, via Canary Island and Cape Verde, One of the highlights was to participate in the Rally Barbados 50 arranged by Jimmy Cornell. The Rally started in Teneriffa and we sailed all Canary Island but El Hierro, and several Cape Verde islands together, and after that we crossed the Atlantic to Barbados



In May 2015 we started our journey and sailed from St Raphael in France via Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, through Greece and