Traveling Plans


The latest plan is to sail to the Caribbean, Leaving Tenerife 1 Oktober, to Cape Verde and around 25 Oktober start the trip over the Atlantic to French Guyana, further via Surinam, Guyana, and spend Christmas and New Year in Tobago or thereabout. Further than that we do not dare to plan.

I do not erase the old plans down below, in these times one might have to go back to old plans!

New Plans again, plans are like “a love letter in the sand” at low tide, the trip to the Amazon will probably be postponed a year, instead we aiming for Norkapp, Norway, not bad that either. But I keep the post below as it might inspire some one to an adventure to Brazil.

This years traveling plan did not materialized due to Covid 19, so now we are on the hard in Lagos, Portugal and looking forward to next years plan instead! To sail to Brazil and a trip on the Amazonas river. 2014 I was crew on a boat who cruised the Amazon together with 7 other boat it was a small rally. A fantastic experience I would like to do again. A local OCC Port officer Silvio Ramos in Brazil plans for a Rally from Soure at the mouth of the Amazon to Alter do Chao about 500 nM into the Amazon. The rally is planned to start 20:th August and end 8:th of October. After that we plan to sail north, French Guyana, Surinam and then to Tobago for Christmas with our kids. Then no plan just takes it as it comes, Probably laying up around end March for a break. The season after we aim for transiting the Panama Canal.

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