Repair and maintenance

Unfortunately, we hit a submerged break water just outside the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, we were motoring at 6-7 knot speed just after high water, not the best conditions for a grounding. Given the circumstances we were lucky not to get stuck on the breakwater in the falling tide, then the damage would have been much worse.
Keel damage 5

There were delamination and cracks in some of the “floor board” bulkheads, the iron keel needs to be taken of just to mention the main issues that needs to be taken care of. I had Olivier Beaute’ to survey the damage and if you have an Amel he is the surveyor to use, he knows the Amel inside and out.
Well, the yard is working to fix Kerpa, the insurance company has agreed to pay, so the only permanent damage is to the confidence of myself.

There are numerus things to fix on Kerpa when we are coming back to her, some of the main items is listed below
• Need new anchor chain, probably going for a 3/8’’ G-4 Hi test chain a full drum i.e. 400 feet
• New batteries the old one did not hold the charge at all
• Install the new EVO Raymarine Autopilot and the new Raymarine instruments we bought on the Annapolis boat show in October
• Fix the leaking raw water pump for our VP TMD22
• Buy and install a new rope cutter, the old one has broken
• Buy and install a wind generator, probably a Rutland 1200 on top of the mizzen mast
• Rebuilt our freezer, I used metal sheet to cover the insulation as nothing else was available at that time, but it leads to much heat, so need to change that to some PVC like sheeting.
• Find someone who can fix our SSB radio, something wrong with the installation
• The list could be much longer, but these are the major things we like to fix before we head of towards Nova Scotia

Old stuff

Båten har legat still i två år så det finns mycket att göra, men tid det har vi gått om och dessutom ger det oss möjligheter att lära känna båten ordentligt innan vi ger oss ut på det stora äventyret över Atlanten och förhoppningsvis Jorden Runt



Det behöver städas och plockas ur i skåp lådor och sittbrunsbänkar


Fixa korrosion både här och var bl.a på selenoider för ankarspel och bogpropeller


Serva och lacka växelhus för segelrevning


Byta motorkuddar

Ja listan kan göras lång….