Antigua and St Barth

After arriving Nelson Dockyard, Antigua, we had a few days rest before we started to attend some issues with Kerpa.

Nelson Dock yard with Kerpa

Nelson Dockyard, not many boats now, but soon it will be crowded by charter boats and superyachts

Old building ND

Some buildings definitely have an aura from a past times

 We had discovered water ingress into Kerpa during our trip, one was from the bow-thruster, and by just put some tension on the wire that retracts the bow-thruster the leak was more or less gone, so that will be the solution for now. But we also had some water under the floor boards in the main cabin, not at all desirable as we store food, beer, wine etc under the floor boards.

kerstin cleaning bilge

Kerstin made a heroic work during our bumpy passage clearing out the voids under the floor boards and drying up the water.

We did not discover what the cause was until we empty out all compartments and found

bad connection

Drainage hose for the anchor well, forward shower and for a few other places had disconnected from one of the joints. Now in a harbor not difficult to fix, used some of the remains from when recently changing bilge pump and hoses, never throw away anything, it might be handy sooner than expected (usually not, I have a lot of” spare parts” filling up compartments here and there)

Good connection

Some boiling water made the hose very cooperative, who wouldn’t?

The other task was to fix the problem with the overheating diesel generator, the impeller was just in fragment so not so strange it overheated. Now it has a new raw water pump, a cleaned heat exchanger and a strainer that collect future parts from broken impellers

Onan heat exchanger

Heat-exchanger cleaned and assembled, ready to be put in place again

Onan strainer

The strainer in place, has been long on the mental to do list, but now erased

We also had broken blade on our Swi-Tec hydrogenereator,

Swi tech Propeller

Not very robust

broken propeller

I sent some pictures to Swi-tec, the comment I got back was “bad luck” what to say about that??


Life is not only rest and boat work, we had some time to entertain our self, and one very nice evening was at Shirley Heights, where they had barbecue with steel band music and something, they called reggae music.


The steel band was really good and produced a lot of “swing”, very nice indeed, the food was good and so was the mood among all participants, on top of that a very beautiful view over English harbor at sun set added to the very nice event

Sun set English HarborEnglish Harbor

The reggae music was more general popular music I had liked to listen to more “real” reggae music, but all in all a very memorable evening, some of the audience had not had only rum punch that night that was for sure.

Not reggea music

English Harbor 2

English harbor

There is a very nice walk from English Harbor to Falmouth Harbor, I can very much recommend taking that walk, the scenery is very rewarding, below follow some pictures from the walk.

English harbor anchorage (2)

Shirley Heights on the hill in the background

Nice view EH

A bit higher up this view of English harbor

English and Famouth Harbor

Falmouth and English Harbor

Pigeon beach

Finally, Pigeon beach in Falmouth Harbor, we just got there before the heavy rain started so we rewarded us with a beer at the beach bar, very nice.

Nelson Dock yard

Time to leave English Harbor, first stop was the fuel dock as our tank was more or less empty, so it is not Kerpa the Amel you see in the picture but Joy who stayed a few days more.

We headed out and anchored at Bird Island in Nonsuch bay, a place clearly recommended to stay at, we only stayed one night before we continued to Jolly harbor to clear out for our next stop.

St Barth

We visited St Barth last time we were in the Caribbean, but it is well worth another visit, and I wanted to show this former Swedish colony for Thomas and Brita, and they really appreciated the visit.

Gustavia light house

Gustavia is the name of the main port. It was the Swedish King Gustav III who bought the colony from the French 1784, hence the name of the port, it was a Swedish colony until 1878 when the French bought it back.

iew from light house St Barth

Views from the light house

Brita på St Barth

It was a warm day to walk up the hill, this was a good place for a rest and some photos

Paul o Kerstin St Barth

St Barth Anchorage

The anchorage is rather exposed to swell and therefore a bit rolly

A bit north there is a good and less rolly anchorage at Anse de Colombier maybe 15-20 minutes dingy ride from to Gustavia so one can stop there instead.

Anchorage Ansed De Colombar

Supposed to be crowded but still early season, from here it’s a short walk over a peninsula to the windward Atlantic side

Atlantic side St Barth

The Atlantic side, On the walk we meet this fellow

Turtle St Barth

He did not looked to concerned to meet some Swedish Walkers on the trail

The island seams proud over the Swedish heritage and display both the old Swedish street name as well as the new French names

Street name

Gamla Gatan or “The old street” now Rue du Port

Swedish Prision

This building was a prison for a while when the Swedes were there.

Next stop will be St Martin.

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