Day 4 soon within US territory

Yesterday was rather eventless, motoring all day until 04:40 this morning. In total we made 26 h and 20 minutes by engine and made 212nM, 8 kn average due to the strong current, motoring speed was more like 5.5 knots.
Now we are sailing broad reach 6 to 7 knots, but the forecast predict som potential head wind. We have 191 nM left so reckons we will be in Norfolk tomorrow evening.
Then starts the procedure to clear in. We have tried to seek out the propper procedures, but we found conflicting information. According to some official sources one should anounce to US boarder control by phone 96 and 24 h before reaching US waters. With our satphone not so easy as some delay in the communication,. However we called in yesterday ca 60 h before we expect to reach Norfolk and ca 36 h before we reach US waters. The response was, why are you calling now? call when you are close. Newer got any specification on how close is close?!.
This morning we called US Coast Guard on VHF and informed them that we where aproaching US territorial waters and will entering within 12 h. They asked for the size of our boat, then they got silent. A few minutes later they caled us and asked why did we called? My responce was we try to comply with rules and regulations for enetring The USA. THANK YOU HE SAID end of conversation. 1/2 an hour later the Coast Guard caled us on VHF and asked us for ETA Norfolk. I hope we have done what is expected of us and that the clearing in tomorrow evening or maybe monday morning will go smoothly.

Night watches has been rather easy so fare, very little trafic and no dramatic weather so we use and “egg” clock on 20 minutes i.e 20 min rest then a thorough look out etc. But this night will be differet there are heavy trafic of fishing boats, a lot of freight ships and risk for head wind of up to 20 kn, probably no egg clock tonight. Reccon we will be tiered tomorrow.

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  1. Björn o Lena says:

    Bättre vara lite övertydlig för att undvika missförstånd, även om det kan kännas konstigt med frågor om… vi önskar fina vindar!


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