Day 3

We had good sailing last day until we got becalmed at around 2:30 this morning. Average speed the previous +20 hous was 6.9 knots. Since 0230 we had gone by engine at ca 5 kn heading NNW to get in to the Golf Stream again. Shortly after 5 this morning we had 2 kn current with us, so now we are steaming ahead with roughly 8kn. The wind will not pick up until another 36 hours.
I forgot to mentioned in last update thet I (Paul) got very sea sick. I usually take a sea sikness tablet before an offshore passage. I thought about it this time as well, but when we started the sea was calm and very gentle, so I forgott about it. The first night was rather bumpy but I felt no sea sickness at all. So I thought I got immune this voyage. But yesterday when I was down below deck I suddenly felt ill very ill. I went up in the freash air but it did not helped. A tablet but still a few hours later no remedy. A shewing gum no change, an hour later I had to go on deck to sort out a few things, and 15 minutes of fresh air and salt spray cured the ordeal.
Now when the wind is calm only some swell remains, I can understand why I got ill , even now the sea is very irregular and uncomfortable so yesterday when there was strong wind and high waves the conditions was probablt worse than we thought. I while ago I heard a weatherman advising a cruiser He said ” at wind above 20 kn and direction North of East you do knot want to be there (Gulf Stream)” and he was right. Always when we have rough conditions I says to Keratin “I’m very glad we have an Amel especially now” she nods and say yes we are.

We have heard at least two Pan Pan from the US coast guard. One was about a drifting boat with a drfting person outside, a few hours later the Pan Pan was aborted the boat was found and hopefuly then person as well.
An hour ago another Pan Pan, this time a boat taking in water and needed to be evacuated. So there is drama at sea.

I guess we will be in Norfolk Sunday evening ca 390 nM remains.

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