Don’t thrust the weatherman

We have now been out for 48 h. The journey started slow with 6 h of motorsailing, then the wind picked up an we sailed wing on wing for the whole night. Rather good progress except for a few hours with counter current of over 1.5 kn. Most unwanted and made the night rather uncomfortable. Al in al we made 142 nM the first 24 h.
Then at daybreak we sailed further and by lunch time we where definitely in the Gulf Stream. Speed picked up by half a knot now and then and at 1600 we where doing +/- 10 knots and sometimes up to 12. Current definitely exceeding 3 knots The problem was that what we first thought was a squall, was not a squall. It was wind around 25 knots, not in our forecast for sure. The waves increased and as it was wind against current we where soon constantly washed by big breaking waves Sailing 45 degree against apperent wind. Do not try that not pleasant. We decided to head out of the Gulf Stream. But it took a while according to the NOAA weather site the Gulf Stream should be rather narrow, but we had to sail roughly 4h to get out of the worst,. First when it got dark the sea calmed down a bit,. Then at night when we needed to start our disel generator it failed. Probably the impeller. Will deal with the matter later. We are rather tiered now so we will try to rest for a while.
Especially Kerstin who took the worst night shift 1 to 5. Now we are heading north and hopefully we hit the Stream again next morning and can take advantage by it because the wind should be very weak 19 to 20 May. CAN ONE BELIEVE THAT????
N.B we did 64 nM in 6 h 4 min and in 24 h 191 nM not too bad for a heavy cruiser with now 7 cm grass fure covering the bottom instead if anti fouling paint.

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2 Responses to Don’t thrust the weatherman

  1. Kristoffer says:

    Sounds rather uncomfortable. 25 knots windforce for 4 hours…
    Home in Sweden I drove the car myself for the first time with Virginia in the back seat screaming her lungs out, almost as tiresome as galeforce winds 🙂


  2. Björn o Lena says:

    Gott att ni gör framsteg!


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