Which way to Chesapeak bay

We have a tricky question, which way to go from Spanish Wells just north of Eleuthera to The Chesapeake Bay.

The straightway north is ca 750 Nm, the westerly rout is ca 930 nM. Looks quite obvious which way to take. Especially if one take a look in Jimmy Cornell’s book world cruising routs, He suggest the direct northerly route.

But if one visit NOOA Ocean prediction Center, one can see that the Gulf Stream steam along with over 3 knots in our directionYellow color indicate current of 3 knots, if one add the weather to the picture it looks even more difficult as there is very little wind predicted for the coming days.

Forecasted wind 18/5 when expect to reach Newport, the starting point for the weather routing. Yellow is OK, green to little wind and blue is more or less no wind

The 19th it looks similar to little wind and 20 th is the same

The different models all suggest we have to motoring in more or less calm weather, unfortunately the models do not take current into account hence the straight route (cost a lot extra to include ocean current).So by being in the Gulf stream we will make headway of hopefully 3 knots even at no wind

And then the wind picks up with risk of too much wind, red +25kn which we try to avoid on longer passages especially as we are only us two on board no friends or family on board on this passage. This will be our longest passage with only the two of us.

We will probably leave Tuesday going west, south of Grand Bahama Island and then head North West until we hit the Gulf Stream and hopefully have good advantage of the current until Cape Hatteras.

Currently we are on Spanish Wells, the most prosperous place we seen since we left the Canary Islands. Clean fishing harbor, well-kept houses and gardens, no litter and at least one good restaurant

Last farewell lunch with Aura, Tourturelle and Jiju

An additional issue is clearance into USA, one should call in 94 h before and 24 hours before if we got it right, we have use a few hours on Internet to locate a suitable port of entry with a marina closed by. It looks as we will go to Waterside Marina Norfolk. Now we have to see if US Border and Customs Protection accept our very low voice quality satellite phone.  There are always different issues to solve.

As you probably have noticed by now I have written in English, well we got more and more non Swedish cruising friends and maybe they are interested to see where we are and how we are. I assume most of our Swedish readers easily can follow us even if we continues to write in English

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