Soon time to go back to Kerpa again

Early September we left USA for a short trip to Stockholm, one has a different view of the place one was born and raised in, when not living there any longer. I must say Stockholm is a beautiful city. Below follow a few photos taken in Stockholm all of them in walking distance from downtown. I can recommend a visit if you have not been there.

City Hall (Copy)

The City Hall of Stockholm where the Nobel price dinner is served

Kungsholmen (Copy)

Plenty of water around the city center

Sodermalm (Copy)

Old fasonen biking event


Below follow a few Photos of Djurgården a large green area with many museums, restaurants and nice areas to walk

Djurgården 2 (Copy)

Djurgården 3 (Copy)


Photos from the Island Långholmen, where there use to be a prison, now you can stay there it has become a conference center with hotel. But I prefer the shore side

Langholmen (Copy)

Plenty of low-cost mooring places for small old boats

Langholmen 3 (Copy)

Langholmen 2 (Copy)Lagholmen 4 (Copy)

A quiet place just a few minutes walks from the busy city life

The main objective with our trip was not Stockholm but Samos in Greece, where our daughter Emelie was going to be married to her boyfriend Axel who’s fathers is a Greek, and yes she got a “Big Fat Greek Wedding”

Beautiful Samos

Phytagoria anchorage (Copy)Samos view (Copy)Old Samos (Copy)Emelie & Axel (Copy)

Just married

Happy couple (Copy)

IMG_2885 (Copy)

Non-Greek trying the Zorba dans, not very gallant but we enjoyed it after plenty of Retsina and a few ouzo.

Our Doughters (Copy)

Our two daughters

The wedding was very Greek including the dinner with a lot of dancing to traditional music, both old and young took part in the dancing. However the party after the dinner was more Swedish with a lot of shots and more than one person had a very soar head the day after, as it should be


Now we are home in Lagos for a short visit

IMG_20181007_111234 (Copy)

Nice weather and beautiful views

IMG_20181007_121335 (Copy)

The marks you see in the rock is dinosaur footsteps. in Salinas


We have been using the time to get in better shape going to the gym almost every day, definitely needed, I hope we have better discipline doing our workout now when going back to Kerpa

Of course, we have enjoyed the nice warm water


Very warm water.

Finally, we meet some OCC persons in the Lagos Marina with whom we had dinner. When “sailing” one meet so many interesting persons with all kinds of experience and adventures behind them self, but I assume Paul and Rachel Chandlers beet most stories one will ever hear

IMG_20181014_211923 (Copy)

They were kidnaped by Somali pirates and was held hostages for 13 month, most stories one hear one gets a little bit envy and thinking, can I beat that with future experiences? Well I don’t think any persons would like to experience such an ordeal. The good thing they continued to cruise after being released. Amazing people

12548716 (Copy)

They wrote a book about it that I will read with great interest.


Well, the day after tomorrow we will fly back to USA and Kerpa. 3 November we plan to sail with the Saltydawg rally down to Antigua.

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