Tomorrow we leave?

After numerous studies of various forecasts, several webinars by Chris Parker and inputs from salt experienced Gulf Stream sailors. We have decidedly to depart tomorrow for Antigua a trip of ca 1500 nM. The most critical issue is to cross the Gulf Stream, we do not want to have too much wind at the crossing as the sea can be confused and dangerous even for large vessels. Last time we passed this area close to Cape Hatteras we hade head wind of 20-25 kn and the current with us, the going was very uncomfortable. The weather is very unsettled with one trof followed by the next trof. To quote Chris Parker the other day about crossing the Gulf Stream today. “Gulf Stream is probably not life-threatening for most seaworthy vessels, but it will be monumentally uncomfortable.” So keep your fingers cross for a nice ocean passage for us, we will keep you updated on our progress with daily postings by our IridiumGo.

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