Gulf Stream

We left Hampton, Virginia at 10 am, a rather murky day. Wind on the nose 15 knots and the rain hanging in the air. We motored out of the Chesapeake bay, the rid was rather bumpy with water on the deck rain started to poring down. But current with us gave us good speed. The day was colder and so was the night, but not close to what it was when we sailed down the Bay the other day. After about 110 nM we entered the Gulf Stream the wind became brisk and we sailed in to the stream doing 8-9 knots. The wind increased to sometimes well over 20 knots and speed through the water was occasionally exceeding 10 knots. Initially we had a good course but the wind turned a bit against us and we could not hold to the way point which was absolutely vital. I discover a strange thing by pointing higher to wind to get to the way point still doing 8 knots through the water took us further from the WP I noticed boats a few miles ahead of my drifting north and slowing down. It did not looked good,
I fell down a few degrees and Kerpa increased speed and suddenly we was much closer to the lay line and we passed a handful of boats by this maneuver. The current was then close to 4 kn the night was very dark, it was a special feeling to have the direction the boat was going ca 40 degree to port. Boats that looks as we would pass clear was suddenly much closer than comfortable. The wind was nice and turned back so we could more or less closed hauled sail at speed exceeding 9 knots, the temperature went up and suddenly in the middle of the night I had only t shirt and trousers. Now Tuesday at 12:35 we have sailed 83 nm over ground in the Gulf Stream and still have ca 30 nm before we are supposed to be out of the Gulf Stream. Totally since we left we have made 180 nM over ground. Wind still ca 20 kn apparent hopefully remains so over the next 24 h. Boat sped rather often exceed 10 knots glorious sailing, and the hydro generator pumps in Amps to our batteries. Position 35 17, 3 N 73 30,4 W

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