Day 2 Through the Gulf Strem

Yesterday we used most of the day to get out of the Gulf Stream, the wind was fresh 18 to 22 kn, speed was very good but the ride was bumpy, exciting but not comfortable. After exiting the stream we set course a little bit more to the south and put the pilot in wind vane mode,57 degree apparent and off we went. All night long we had 18 to 22 knots beam reach so very good progress 9-10knots most of the time. We made 204 nM COG the first 25 h of sailing crossing the GS!!! Amazing our best ride so fare, hard to beat I guess. At sunlight this morning the wind dropped to 10 knots and become more to the W but speed still good about 6,5 kn and the ride is much more comfortable, very enjoyable I would say, and the sun is shining. I’m sitting on the deck in sunshine writing this, very nice indeed. The forecast is for the wind to drop and the weather man Chris Parker who send mail to us and broadcast on SSB expect us to have to motor for quiet some time, but we enjoy as long as it last ( Our SSB radio who have given me a lot of problem now work well at least receiving, I have made some amateur fixing not really sure what the problem was).
Hopefully we can have our lunch and dinner on proper plates to day and not have them served in “dog bowlers”., I can recommend using “ dog bowels” as plates during bumpy rides, not fancy but practical. The Hydro generator have worked very well, despite all the Saragossa weed we see, this morning I had to clear the prop for the first time, as the ride was gentle no big deal.
Position 33 19 N 70 50 W. the rum line to Antigua gives an other 1100 mile to sail, but expect it to be a bit longer as we can not sail a straight line due to wind forecast. South east is suggested by Chris Parker for another 100 and so miles.

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