First fish and motoring

No wind since 14:00 yesterday we are motoring in light winds, according to the forecast no wind to be expect the coming 4 FOUR DAYS!!!!. I’m glad we have some extra diesel, we filled our 5 jerry cans before we left. In a mail this morning Chris Parker gave us way point 24 N 61 W, to reach by Sunday or not later than Monday, after that we can sail in Tradewinds towards Antigua. For us to reach the way point by Monday the 12 th, we need to do 6,4 kn average.
The good news, we put out our rods yesterday and after maybe an hour or so we got our first fish, a Bar Jack we guess, and shortly after that our favorite Mahi Mahi. The rod went in again as we do not need more fish until tomorrow. Kerstin had her day full, taking care of the fishes and preparing a delicious meal from the Bar Jack with a small taste bite from the Mahi Mahi, so we know what to expect tomorrow ( I.e today). It was served with mashed potatoes. The night was calm with a fantastic heaven full of stars that felt so close you almost could reach them by raising your hand. One newer stops to fascinate of the star heaven. Pos 31 20 N 69 24 W, rum line to Antigua 970 nM suggested route by Chris Parker 1060 nM, with god luck and a lot of diesel, ETA Antigua Morning 15 th

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