Uneven progress

Wind not in our favor sometimes not very much wind at all, sometimes right on the nose, so we alternate motoring and sailing. Now we are doing good speed 7-8 kn closed hauled with 15-18 kn wind, but in the wrong direction. According to Chris Parker we need to reach 26N 61 W before Monday morning when the trade wind comes, it is forecasted to go from NE to SE, ie right on the nose. I asked Chris if we do not reach this position by then what will be the consequence, you will end up in Puerto Rico instead he said, Well we enjoy the nice sailing and sunshine and take it as it comes, We have a few boats within AIS distance all of them catamarans so we probably do good progress.
Fishing luck is better we landed a nice Mahi Mahi yesterday, so the rod went in again. Thomas my brother showed great skill in filleting so now he has a new responsibility aboard, Kerstin very pleased with that as she work hard in the galley serving delicious food even under difficult conditions. Brita Is very excited finding fly fish on the deck this morning.

Position 29 33 W 68 02 N Rum line to Antigua 1016 Nm.

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