”Not much happens”

Not much happens, that is true for us, but for some others the going is tougher. On SSB radio we heard one (did not got the name of the boat we could only hear Chris Parker on the SSB) boat need to go back to North Carolina in not so nice weather, crossing the Gulf Stream again, the Coast Gard will send out an helicopter to assist them. An other boat broke the fore stay and redirect to Bermuda to get it fixed, a third boat with 3 children aboard with a broken autopilot need to hand steer for a few days facing some rough weather, they also redirect to Bermuda. The only drama we have luckily so fare is to land an other Mahi Mahi while posting this.
Since 1600 yesterday we are mainly motoring in 10 kn Head wind, not much wind expected for the coming days. Hope we get the trade-wind at West 61 North 25 30’, 340 nM from where we are right now. 28 02 N 66 41 W. Rum line to Antigua 725 nM. But more likely 850 to go. As the night motoring was rather smooth I got my first “ proper” uninterrupted sleep of ca 3 hours. Our un experienced crew still say it is fabulous! to be out on the ocean.

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1 Response to ”Not much happens”

  1. Björn Runmalm says:

    Läser varenda rad, roligt att få följa er.


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