Some drama

Yesterday just after sending the latest blog posting, we got yet another fish on the hook, my brother Thomas reeled it in and I was the “Hook Man” it was a real beast a Barracuda ca 105 cm long, the teeth was large and sharp but we manage to land it very swiftly. To take care of a fish with that size is a bit of a job on a vessel at sea when waves rocking the boat. Fish blood smears out on deck and it looks rather messy the fish as well as the deck is slippery so quite a job, not without risk of falling and hurt your self. Then Kerstin says she felt the smell of fire. Fire aboard is probably one of the most dangerous things that could happened, if it get going you just have a minutes or so to put out the fire and if not successful a minute or so to abandon the boat bringing all safety gear and grab bags with you. I went down below and a small scent indicating a possible fire aboard, but where did it come from? the good thing the smell did not increased, after a minute or two I found the cause, it was the 24 to 12 volt converter who supplies 12 v to our navigation equipment, a VERY important part, difficult to be without. The converter a big green thing with a metal casing with ventilation grids was hot, very hot one could not hold the hand on it, when measuring the temperature with an Infrared temperature measuring device I have, I found 130 degrees centigrade inside the ventilation grid. Not good at all, by turning it of we would loose all navigation equipment until I have had time to exchange it, that would take several hours in a rocky boat, with me lying uncomfortable in an awkward position on the floor board to reach the cables, nothing I would desired to do on land, much else now. What to do? Both Kerstin and I came to the same conclusion rather quickly, let’s put in a ventilation fan and cool it down, after a few minutes the fan was in place and luckily it worked. Gradually the temperature went down and by evening it had more or less ambient temperature. We keep a close eye on the converter, the probable cause is that I have put a few things in the cabinet it is mounted in and the cabinet ventilation hole was blocked. More drama might follow as a tropical wave is approaching and will bring very rough weather close by, but I am relatively relaxed about it as It is believe to pass just south of us, but it will make the trade-wind we encounter later much stronger, hopefully it will come on the beam or even better aft of the beam, so the final ride down to Antigua could be fast and exciting, now the condition is rather boring still motoring. Pos 27 04 N 64 14 V. 623 nM to Antigua.

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