Motoring Motoring

Still motoring I have not dared to calculatedly how many hours we have been running the engine without interruption, to many that is for sure, but the alternative have probably been less attractive. When listening to Chris Parker who answers questions from cruisers of best options to progress towards desired targets, one can understand that boats further west are in for some hard up wind sailing for several days. In connection with the tropical wave the trade-wind will be around 20-25 knots rather gust 30-35 and several squalls up to 45 knots swell up to 10-12 feet. Our rather slim experience is that American overestimate potentials ordeals, but in this case We try to play it as safe as possible. According to the forecast we will have a very brisk sail mainly broad reach down to Antigua. We expect to encounter the trade wind around sunset today. Then we hopefully can sail SSE for a day then S until we reach 22 degree North. We should not be below N 22 before Wednesday as the tropical wave have some nasty weather on the menu for potential “customers”. We are running low on diesel so we took the opportunity to fill 80 liters from jerrycans into the main tank so we should be good by that.
The Barracuda we caught was on the menu yesterday tasted delicious white and firm meet, would probably be excellent to have in a fish soup, we will try when the going is less bumpy. We had some concerns about ciguatera poisoning, but as the fish was caught several hundred miles from any reef, the risk should be minimal, and so was the case, no one have any symptom. Position 26 19 N 61 54 W. 561 nM to go.

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