Some record are epic and last for many years, I remember Bob Beamons record in the Olympic Games in Mexico 1968 he jumped 8,9 meters in long jump, he totally crushed the old record. I was 11 years old at that time, and become over 50 before the record was beaten. So what has that to do with our “sailing”? Well we have made a record not epic, on the contrary a record to forget and hope it will not be beaten by us for a very long time. Yesterday at 18:41 we turned off our engine, then it had been working non stop for 68 h and 42 minutes, except for a short stop just to check the oil. We made 392 nM speed 5,8 knots. But the reward came yesterday, just after sun-set the Trade-wind started and after maybe an hour it was very brisk. We could alter the course more south and on a broad reach we went like a bullet 7,3 knot average add a counter current of maybe 1,5 knots I.e boat speed close to 9 knots through the water during the night, The wind is expected to be in the range 18-25 knots with gusting 30 kn until we get to Antigua. Boat Speed is still around 9 kn with reefed down Genua and Main and full Mizzen.
Before the wind set in yesterday Kerstin prepared ready meals for us for the remaining trip in the warm and bumpy galley, lack of wind does not mean lack of waves. For dinner we got Barracuda fish burger, tasted very good, my best fish burger ever. The brisk sailing is exciting and fun, but not very comfortable, sleep is not very good, and one has to move very carefully aboard not to hurt your self.
Position 24 11 N, 60 33 W, distance to Antigua 490 nM will probably arrive Thursday night- Friday morning.

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