Guest blog by Brita & Thomas

Now we have been sailing as crew on Kerpa for about ten sunny days. 😎We left Hampton Virginia on a Monday, i.e. with a delay of three days, after thorough discussion about the weather forecast. We saw a window of opportunity to pass through the turbulent golf stream between all the different areas of bad weather with storms, coming from all over the place. Since I have never been in this area, never seen the stream and the great waves formed by furious storms, it was a challenge to keep calm and rely on the captains experience and judgement. It is all about trust.☺️

Being on the sea has been really beautiful, I become very impressed by Mother Nature. We have had a great fishing luck – we ate different species of fresh fish such as Barracuda, mackerel and green jack – which tasted both exotic and delicious. The colors and the pattern of the fishes is like a piece of art. The same goes for the sea, it is so beautiful, it is breathtaking. Looking at the change of colors, from gray to sparkling gold, the creative wave formations and the turbulence forming foam does never get boring. It is like meditation. It is so marvelous that it is hard to describe, you need to be there to understand.
Night time, I very much appreciate the moon giving some light at least in the beginning of the night. When it raises up from the horizon and returns back into the sea again. Moreover, the stars which are bright on the sky, seen so clearly with a 360 degree overview, as if it was a picture in a school book are beautiful.

We have not seen more than a handful of sea birds, despite that we have really been trying to observe them. We have seen plenty of flying fish, though. They are impressing with their strength making it possible to fly over the boat, like silver birds.
We enjoy ourselves with intense discussions covering everything from family to politics. We have also been suntanning and enjoyed a lot of tasty food, thanks to our Kerstin’s superb skills.

However, as time goes you become very affected psychologically, being awake to observe what happens during the night, needing to be clear and awake, and being in a turbulent, never ending, continuous and non harmonic movement in all directions, and that is 24 hours a day – it is like as if day and night melts together.

We expect to arrive at Antigua on Friday morning and we really look forward to meet the people on the other boats -the Salty Dawgs – taking part in this rally. It will also be nice to put our foots on solid ground and to explore Antigua. Not having to think about tropical storms for a while.

Lastly I would like to mention that we are still strong and vivid – we are well shaken but not stirred! 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Captain’s log:
Sustained wind 22-24 kn right on the beam, sea 10-12 feet, Kerpa rides them nicely, but occasional heavy sprays bashing spray hood and Bimini, but we stay dry. Well reefed, boat speed close to 9 kn.
Pos 21 16 N ; 60 59 W, 262 nM left to go, with current speed we will arrive shortly after sunset. As English harbor should not be entered by night, we either slow down soon or anchor in Falmouth Harbor.
Our hydro generator caught some Saragasso sea weed and broke one of the blades on the propeller ( Swiss quality?) I will send them a photo and avait their reaction. Diesel generator over heating , now only solar power and power when running the mail engine, so now very pleased I install the smart regulator from Balmar.

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  1. Björn Runmalm says:

    Understand ”shaken”! All the best from Sweden!


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