Soon in Antigua

Now it Is not very long before we reach Antigua, estimate to arrive Falmouth Harbor by midnight, Falmouth Harbor supposed to be easier to navigate at night than English Harbour. We thought of slowing down but the going was more uncomfortable and we are eager to arrive. Sailing condition still the same true wind 20-22 kn swell 8-10 feet. During yesterday and the night we had some strange “squalls” not very strong but the wind was on the nose and when it passed we had moments of very light wind that slowly picked up to 20-22 kn.

Sometimes after rough sailing the chain has tumbled around in the anchor box and have been impossible to get out without getting access to the chain. The easiest way to do that is to empty the forward bow locker and open an inspection hatch I have installed, the only trouble is that the locker is full of gears and it does not appeal to me to have that task at pitch dark night very tiered after the passage, so keep your fingers crossed it will not be necessary. Tomorrow I will clear in and then we will move to Nelson dock yard in English Harbour.
Looking forward to that and exchange stories with the other Salt Dawg sailors over a Rum punch or three!.

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