Virgin Islands Part 1

USVI was bought from the Danish 1917 and one still find Danish names on some of the streets, in that respect rather similar to St Barth who was a former Swedish colony, still with many Swedish names remaining.

The first Virgin Island we came to was St Croix, we did not know what to expect, but is was rather obvious that St Croix had suffered from the Hurricane. The border protection was no longer at the Marina as the building had suffered some damage and was not yet rebuilt. The only way to clear in was to take a taxi to the airport (45 USD for a return trip), first we were a bit disappointed about that but in the end it gave us an opportunity to se a bit more of the Island.

tug boat

First sight entering the rather narrow inlet to Christiansted was an old tug boat that had been around for a while, and that was the impression for the part of St Croix we saw, need some TLC. On the trip to the airport we saw one of the largest refinery in the western hemisphere, but it was moth bold, the only activity was storage of petroleum products.

christiansted 8christiansted

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The town was charming with a mix of well-kept houses as well as some in need for attention

christiansted 4christiansted 5


This chair that we found outside the house above did not provide any rest or comfort for a tiered tourist, but it is always a water hole ner by for a cruiser to get a beer or two.

One very charming thing with not only St Croix but all USVI islands was that where ever you walked you saw roosters and chickens.


A very beautiful rooster walking just beside the streets watching over a part of his harem


Very cute indeed.

Less cute was to see all evidence from the devastation by the hurricane.

hurricane damage marina

Not very much left of this Marina

catamaran and fense

And how could this large cat end up on the wrong side of the fence?

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The catamaran is no longer home for holiday makers but for a new family of chickens.

albin express

To our surprise we found this boat an Albin Express (built in Sweden), a very popular racing class in Sweden during 1980:th, and still rather popular, many young families with children has spent their summer vacation cursing the archipelago of Stockholm in an Express, a huge contrast to the many 50-70 fot catamarans we now see with holiday makers in The Virgin Islands.

water front

There is a very nice walk with restaurants and bars playing live music along the water front in Christiansted

St Thomas

We did not stay long in St Croix as our two daughters with husband and boy friend were flying in to St Thomas, so we headed for Brewer bay on St Thomas, a very convenient place for picking up guests.

brewer bay st t

Brewer bay is not only a beautiful bay, but it gives you access to the air port as well as Charlotte Amalie either take a long walk or take the local Taxi/buss system that takes you around for one USD, very good indeed.

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The airport is very close by, the terminal is on the opposite side, so it takes maybe 25 to 30 minutes to walk, a taxi back with the guests cost 6 USD per person. One gets a bit disturbed from the plane, but they are not very frequent and after dark there are only a few smaller planes landing so no big issue


You can also get other flying visitors aboard,


Local Bus/Taxi in Charlotte Amalie

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ca house 5

Some houses in Charlotte Amalie, the one above with the old Danish street name. It is nice to walk around in the town the massive amounts of tourist from the cruising ships are only found at the shopping streets with diamonds and jewelry for sale, the rest of the town feels rather genuine

ca anchorage

One can also anchor in Charlotte Amalie, a large anchorage with plenty of space, good provisioning and easy clearing and departure at the sea plane terminal. But we prefer Brewers bay much nicer Charlotte Amalie is very focused on the tourists from the large cruising ships and many bars and restaurants closes when the ships leaves, often well before dark.

ca ferry

One of the large cruise liners approaching the harbor, they are huge but maneuver very swiftly in the bay even though several anchored boats.

sunken tug st thomas

Does not expect to see this on St Thomas, guess this is not due to the hurricane but poor maintenance.


St John

Cruz bay on St John is a charming place with good provisioning, customs and some nice bars, highly recommended at least for provisioning and customs.

cruz bay

Cruz bay with..

vrfuz bay fire station

Fire station

We cleared out from Cruz bay and headed for Jost Van Dyke BVI, one of the highlights in The Virgin Islands.

great harbor

Great Harbour JvD

customs jvd

The Polis station where one clear in, if you are lucky, they clear you in and out at the same time, very convenient.

jvd fire station

Another fire station

From Great harbor there is about 25 minutes walk to White Bay with one of the famous “Soggy Dollar Bar”

white bay jvd

White Bay

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View from Soggy Dollar Bar. Rather crowded some almost anchored on the beach?


Sandy Spit on JvD is a must

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Sandy Spit

We had Emelie with hear husband Axel and Linnea with her boy friend Felix aboard for Christmas and New Year during ca two weeks. The Virgin Islands is excellent for visitors as very close between the Islands and anchorage. Relative gentle sailing even though the Christmas weather in Virgin Islands is well known to have rather strong winds. Unfortunately, we had rain almost every day, not all day but enough to have a feeling of not the best weather. But for our kids the weather was a huge improvement from the weather in Sweden.

emelie jvd

Emelie Great Harbor JvD

sandy spit jvd 2

Linnea and Felix really enjoyed Sandy Spit

bar visit norman island

Visiting nice bars and getting both a beer and some internet. Here on Norman Island.

soppers hgole 2

Sopper’s Hole Tortola

sopper hole

Who also showed traces from the hurricane

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Hiking Francis Bay St John

Where we saw this fellow

unknown animal francis bay

Do not know what animal it is, anyone know?

holliday makers

Linnea and Felix enjoying a well-deserved holiday

linnea on a sup

Linnea try our SUP, can’t say the kids impressed me with their balance, the old man could still shine, at my age one has to take every opportunity as it is fare between them

rain bow

The rain gave us some very nice rain bows


Best Christmas present for us was to be able to have Christmas with the “Kids”

For new year they wanted a place with some nice bars, but as Emelie and Axel flew home the day after, there was not many options, we ended up in Charlotte Amalie. And after a nice New Years dinner we played Mexican Train

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And they become so absorbed by the game, so they stayed aboard the whole night. In distance at 12 o’clock we could hear the sounds from all kinds of guns that were fired into the water, a tradition in Charlotte Amalie, a strange tradition for us Swedes.

The day after Emelie and Axel left and our son Kristoffer arrived, but more about the VI in the next blogg.






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