Virgin Island Part 2



Culebra or Spanish Virgin Island is a part of Puerto Rico. Columbus as first European visited Culebra 1493. The island was a refuge for Pirates during more than 300 years. Now Culebra is a beautiful and sleepy place with less than 2000 inhabitants. Culebra really differ from USVI as the mood is very Latin American (at least for a Swede), not only the music that was played loudly, but also the way we saw the people, a great experience.

The main village is Dewey in a deep bay with a reasonable protected and large anchorageculebra anchorage

culebra dingy dock

Very convenient bar for cruisers just dingy over and have a sun-downer.

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We found this very large caterpillar on a fence, will probably turn into a large and amazing butterfly

alternative anchorage culebra

If one do not want to anchor in the bay near the village this nice anchorage (Ensenada Dakity) behind a reef is a good option just at the entrance of the bay.


One of the most beautiful anchorage we been to is on Culebrita a small island belonging to Culebra.

culebrita anchorage

Kerpa at anchor in Bahia de Tortuga, Culebrita

culebrita beachculebrita beach 3

So beautiful we just had to take a selfie


During day time rather many local boats but around 4 o’clock we were alone or just one other sailing boat who stayed over night.

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culebrita light house

This lighthouse from 1886 was the oldest working light house in the Caribbean until it was closed down 1975

culebrita sheep

Now the only tenant in the lighthouse are the goats.

Culebrita also offer a natural Jacuzzi

culebrita jacuzzi

The waves sweep in to the shielded lagoon and one can get some lively “Water-dance” when the occasional very large wakes break over the edge. No doubts who is leading the dance, we had the whole pool just for our self, very nice indeed.

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When one has visitors there are no time to explore in detail and as our son Kristoffer was with us we only stayed for a few days, but Culebra and Culebrita was highly appreciated by him, and we would not hesitate to visit again.


Virgin Gorda

We visited Virgin Gorda in March 2017 before the hurricane and we have heard that this beautiful place had suffered a lot from the hurricane, and it had, it was very obvious as soon as we entered the Virgin Gorda sound. Below follow some photos of the type before and after.

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There are many sailors who have had a few down the throat during happy hour on the Saba rock

saba rock after (copy)

This is how it looks today, no more happy hours. Just behind on the right-hand side used to be some exclusive holiday homes.

holiday home before 2 (copy)

They looked very attractive,

holiday home after (2) (copy)

but this is what remains

beach before (copy)

Beach before and after

beach after (2) (copy)

not very much left

house before (copy)

This house survived rather well but still a lot of work

house after (copy)

The new Marina looked like below

marina before (copy)

Now not very much left

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Last time we were here we saw this Swedish “Folkboat” in great condition even though it is probably made in the early 1970 th

if brefore (copy)

Now in not so great shape

if after (copy)

Obviously been lying submerged, but someone has salvage hear

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Two boats on the shore

The only place that was to be recognize was Leveric bay

leveric bay (copy)

The bar still in good shape

happy hour lervic bay - kopia

And Kristoffer handling the important stuff, making sure his daddy gets a cold beer.

Kristoffer really enjoyed being spoiled aboard Kerpa visiting many Virgin Islands

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Like Sandy spit JvD

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Norman Island

Who also offered very good snorkeling and nice weather.

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The last anchorage  before he headed home was

Christmas cove on Great St James Island

christmas cove sunsetchristmas cove evening

Kristoffer enjoys one of the the last evening before heading home. We had great sailing and splendid weather just a few showers, so he was really satisfied with his also well deserved holiday. We turned our bow south next port St Martin



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