First day towards Bermuda

Left Spanish Wells yesterday at 09:00, and as usual the wind not as expected. When out on the opened water very little wind, the forecast said wind around 12 to 14 knots close reach, that give us good speed, but not at all, most time we have been motor-sailing at low rev, doing reasonable progress but occasionally no wind and then progress rather slow. Our hull was full of growth and we have only had time to scrape away about 25% of it, that of course limits our speed as well. The remaining hull cleaning will be done in Bermuda. Sea state not to bad but waves more or less on the nose slowing down progress as well.
So fare we have made 130 nm the first 24 h, where of 68 sailing, Distance to go is 655 nm.
Now sailing with wind just aft of the beam true wind speed ca 10 kn. Three out of four Predict Wind models predict 12 to 14 kn , hope they will be right soon.

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