Not a good sstart of the day

Progress yesterday was rather good close reaching, 82 nM first 12 h, but only 67nM the other half during the night. Now in the.morning the 12 th we have wind from behind and current against us. With the Balooner and Genoa both pooled out speed is only just over 3 knots. Wind is supposed to pick up a bit, but only slight and more or less from behind so no good prospect for a fast passage. Further our main sheet had tangled it self around the main winch destroying the self tailing parts, no good solution yet hope a cup of coffee make the spirit stronger and my tiered mind a bit sharper. With current speed we will not reach Bermuda until the 18th at night. A few dolphins come and played around our bow to comfort us a bit. A lot of Saragossa weed fouling the propeller of our hydro generator so not to much power from it, but the solar give good juice to our batteries they are at 100% in the afternoon. Pos N28 37 W 73 18
506 nM to go.

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