Day three

Progress yesterday was very slow with wind from behind. Poled out headsail and Balooner* gave speed just over 3 kn., between 0900 and 1800 we only made 33 nM, average speed 3,6 kn, The sun was shining so we toke some rest just doing nothing but listening to Pod radio. Watching some dolphins playing for a while with Kerpa Pizza for lunch and hamburger for dinner, both tasted very good.
During the night the wind picked up occasionally 20 kn true and waves was building so we toke down the Balooner at first light. Reducing speed from 7-8 kn down to 6, but now +/- 5 kn. Total distance day three 122nM
Current position N 30 04 W 71 56 at 0900 local time.
Distance to go 405, distance made 411 (awr 5,6 kn), so half way if we continue with the similar speed we should be at Bermuda 16 th before noon.
Got mail from a fellow cruiser also heading for Bermuda, informing us that tonight some bad squalls and Tuesday night some intense thunderstorms is expected

* Balooner is a Amel specific head sail made in nylon same as normal spinnakers. The Balooner is hoisted on the same furling profile as the standard head sail. There is a locking mechanism in the top swivel and The halyard is then taken down, thus one can furl both the head sail and the Balooner simultaneously, very net if wind picks up suddenly or if there are squalls.

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