An eventfull day

Yesterday offered some events, first we got a squall that we did not saw coming but should have expected, suddenly the wind shifted almost 180 degree, and increased to + 35 kn. Not exactly the best wind change when sailing with pooled out genoa.
We furled the genoa immediately and no damage to the head sail. Sailing with Autopilot in wind mood does not help at such sudden wind shifts. The squall lasted maybe 30 minutes. Then very little wind so we motored for a few hours before the wind went back to “normal”. The rain that came with squall lasted most of the day and was occasionally very heavy. Next event when setting sails after the squall our out haul mechanism broke down severely, no quick fix we need to dismantle the whole thing and probably replace not only the gear box but also the line tender as well. So in the rain I had to arrange a set up with block and rope to install a manual out haul that we can operate from the cockpit. I had to make a few trials In the rain on the bouncy deck before I was reasonably happy with the solution, not my favorite activity but It worked over the night. I might do some fine tuning either today, but hopefully it can wait until we reach Bermuda. Our hydro generator catch Saragossa sea weed, especially yesterday when raining so I had to go several times to clear the propeller, sometimes just 15 minutes after the precious cleaning. Not to fun when tiered to go out in the rain, but is one of the Captains duty. The hydro generator does not give as expected maybe 5A (24v) average but together with the solar our batteries ar at 100 % charge some times after noontime. Surprisingly how much the panels charge even during days with clouds and some rain.
Luckily we have not encounter any more squalls, during the night we saw thunder storms in the distance but nothing close. We hope this is the TS that we was warned about. We were well reefed down during the night we took a conservative strategy during the night if we would run into any squall or thunderstorm Now we have 280 nM to go made 131 nem last 24 h not very impressive Wind SSW ca 15 kn App. Again sailing with a pooled out genoa. Cloudy and the rain is hanging in the air.
Expect to arrive 16 th at noon time, unless the wind go down to much, forecast indicate lighter wind tomorrow, but in that case I think we ask our Volvo Penta for some help to avoid another night out at sea.

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