Another day at the sea

Not very much to report, Yesterday morning sailing was good, then wind start to shift so we had to jibe a few times and that is bit cumbersome when sailing with pool out head sail, not really a big deal, but we are rather tiered now, so every extra thing to do feels, especially as it was raining now and then. In the evening the wind was to soft for sailing the waves were rather large and from more than one direction causing the sails to “flogg” with extra wear and tear. At 1800 yesterday our Volvo Penta went into service and still is and probably will be until tomorrow when we arrive to Bermuda. The forecast says very light wind, now totally calm

During the night there where major areas with thunder storms well visible on the radar luckily we just manage to escape so we could admire it on safe distance.
An other thing we had admired is the very special moonshine the last nights, it has been cloudy but obviously not very dense clouds. The light from the moon trickled through the clouds making the night to lit up a bit in a way we have never seen before like a VERY big difusor, beautiful. The moon it self has not been visible.

Distance Last 24 h 136 nM whereof 87 by engine

Remaining distance 146 nM
ETA around noontime tomorrow May 16

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