Arrived Bermuda

Yesterday we arrived to Bermuda we tied up at the costumes dock at 1300 the 16 th of May after 5 days and 4 hours, 816 nM where off 318 by engine, the last day and a half by engine as very little wind but also due to a break down of our top swivel for our head sail.

So not very dramatic crossing weather vise, but break down vise more problematic. So direct after anchoring in St George we toke down the head sail to inspect the top swivel, and this is what we found.


A broken swivel, all ball bearings had fallen out, so now I need to go up the rig and examine if there is any damage on the head foil, and I who do not like heights!!!

I have already contacted Amel and they have the swivel in stock in France, so as soon as I get a delivery adress I will order one, but first I will investigate if there are any further damage and need for spare parts

But that was not the only thing a big teer in the heed sail about 120 cm from the top

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No idea what has caused this, but I’m rather sure it was close to rip apart and falling down. So urgent need for a sail maker, luckily there are one just close to the dingy dock

As mentioned earlier he out haul mechanism broke down


Do not think the broken bolt is the real problem, just an indication of that something is seriously wrong.

Self tailer

A bent self tailing device, causing damage to other parts of the winch

Main winch

so now it works as a non self tailing winch.

We have a lot of things to sort out besides, oil change and regular maintenance, so guess little time for exploring most time on boat work. Luckily we came early to Bermuda and hopefully enough time to fix everything before our Crew is coming the 3 of June.

Just a short update more to follow from our time in Bahamas, soon??


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  1. Hans Wallentin says:

    Mycket trasigt 🤔 Mycke fix Hoppas det löser sig smidigt 👍

    Skickat från min iPhone

    > 17 maj 2019 kl. 14:46 skrev S/Y Kerpa : > > >


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