Great progress

We have made very good speed the last 24 hours, wind varies between 14 to 20 kn apparent. Autopilot in wind vane mood steering 65 degree towards the wind. Speed touching 9 knots occasionally. Last 24 h we made 191 nM, one of the best 24 hours distances ever. Seas occasionally a bit confused so sleep not great but mode is. Looks as conditions will stay for a few days! Distance to Horta ca 1300 nM. Still a lot of Saragossa weed so no fishing. Cocking is becoming more challenging with the increasing wind, but so fare food has been good. Our crew are vegetarians and the cock very good food.

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1 Response to Great progress

  1. Thomas Osterberg says:

    Good to hear that everything is OK! Thomas & Brita


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