Good progress

Day two. We are making good progress 170 nM the last 24 hours. Wind has picked up a bit, currently 15 to 18 knot apparent wind at about 60 degree, I.e going up wind, speed exceeding 8 knot the last hour, slightly reefed main and mizzen. Forecast for the coming days promise similar conditions so we expect the progress to continue to be good. Sea is comparably gentle so life aboard is relatively easy and we can enjoy good food.
A cold front coming in from the north and behind there are no wind. We need to get west of the low and soon we need to make the strategic choice heading further north or take a more southerly route to avoid the Azores high pressure with extensive areas with calm weather. Three of our forecast models says go north except for the the model supposed to be the most reliable it says go south!. Will probably ask Chris Parker in a day or two for his opinion and to supply us with a 5 day forecast.
Sun is shining, charging our batteries so no major need for our broken down hydro generator. Still a lot of Saragossa weed so no fishing yet.

We are rather isolated only sighted a few ships on AIS, but no visual contact.
Our mail at sea is any info from the outer world appreciated, we have no idea what is happening; new financial crisis, Brexit, or the world has decided to go Green! A new bulletin will follow tomorrow. 1490 nM to Horta.
N.B only text as our bandwidth is poor

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