More bad news

Yesterday the wind picked up further, soon we was closed hauled in 30 knots of wind, discovering a big tear in the middles of the head sail! Not good, We furled the sail and decided to tack and head direct into the cold front again! to get passed the bad weather. Motor Sailing with just a tiny bit of the headsail unfurled towards the front to have the tear inside the furled part of the sail . Torrential rain and strong wind often close to 30 knot more or less close hauled, we cut the engine and made rather good head way just sailing with reefed main, mizzen and a patch of our head sail out, unfortunately in about the same direction we came from. The going was UNCOMFORTABLE. After about three hours the wind eased and we tacked and could sail slowly in direction that toke us closer to our destination. But morale is still good our crew still smiling. Today we toke down the sail and Kate one of our crew is now working hard to get our head sail in a condition that allow us to use
it in light wind, which is expected for a few days. The repair the loft in St George did to the top of the head sail is torn again obvious a poor repair. The bad front threatening us to heave to in a few days looks less bad so that is good news.
Distance day 6 was 155 nM but still 850 nM to go. Now slowly motor-sailing in light wind hope to have our head sail in place before dark to be able to sail during the night.

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  1. Thomas Osterberg says:

    Tough times out there! What about the fishing:)


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