Bad weather to expect

Katy manage to fix the head sail yesterday it took a great part of that day, hard work well done! The wind picked up so we decided to wait until today to hoist it again. In the mean time the cutter sail did remarkably well. Wind was fare higher than the predicted +/- 12. Often close to 18 kn so speed was good. We can not sail very close to the wind with the stay sail but close enough for now. The going this night was rocky so not much sleep for the captain. Today we put the Genoa back and is now motor sailing in light wind with the genoa partly furled. The weather system in front of us does not look GOOD. If it materialize it will be by far the worst weather we have encounter so far. But we know that this trip could offer bad conditions. That’s the reason we have crew aboard, to get some relief and be able to rest during spell with bad weather. We had hoped that our genoa should be in full working condition but is now close to retirement actually well passed it should be in a home for old worn out sails.
It is getting colder, actually very chilly the water temperature is around 23 instead of 27 degree Celsius. During nights longJohn’s and heavy duty jackets is required Distance last 24 hours 140 nM where of 95 by sail
Distance to go is 716 nM

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