Becalmed but …..

Since yesterday we are more or less becalmed, to little wind to fill the sails, thus we are motoring slowly towards The Azores, unfortunately we have to get through BAD weather. The mail this morning from Chris Parker indicated two to three days of Heaving-to to let to bad weather system passing, however a new recent forecast update shows improved conditions. We can probably slowly sail the 150 nM towards West 38 and be there Saturday evening, then heave-to let the worst weather pas us then Sunday continue our voyage. Wind 40 g 50 knots waves 15 feet, if materialize a new experience for all of us aboard.
Yesterday we caught a mackerel large enough to feed all four of us, tasted very good. the day before a big fish took one of our lures and just run away and snapped the line as it was made of a single spider web thread.
Today we will prepare the boat and our self for the Gale and cook some food and bake bread enough to last until weather settles. Distance since yesterday 118 nM
To go 610 nM

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