Preparing for weather to come

Last 24 h progress are probably the slowest 24 h sail we ever have had, only 87 nM. As we do not want to reach W 38 to early that is just fine. The current kind conditions have allowed all of us to get some good sleep. I have observed that we are not doing to bad in low wind if it is not too far aft of the beam, at 7 kn just aft of the beam we do 3,5 kn with partly? Reefed genua. Recon a code zero would be very nice to have in current conditions, it has been on the wishlist for some time.
There are plenty of Portuguese Man o War on the water, the moon lighten up the night and everything is fine.
Today we preparing for the bad weather by lashing lose items fast, baking bread and prepare ready meals.
We have now been 9 days at sea and have still 520 nM to go, dependent on how long we have to heave-to I guess we will be at least 4 more days at sea.

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