Not to bad

The night was rather calm, we sailed with main and mizzen only. At daylight the wind picked up to +/-25kn quite joyful sailing, speed good, direction so, so, wind direction not very stable so we had to jibe a few times. After lunchtime we had the first squall, it was not long but for sure the wind was well beyond 40 kn, took us with surprise, my fault I should have seen it coming, blame my lack of attentiveness on lack of sleep. Boat motion has not been good for sleeping. Just now we are broad reaching with heavy reefed main 50%, and the cutter jib, speed 6-7 knots, occasionally exceeding 8 kn, sea not to bad yet. Autopilot steers OK, not the easiest conditions. According to Chris Parker The worst weather is expected Sunday early morning until after noon.
Distance last 24 h 120 nM another low mileage day, but partly due to holding back to avoid bad weather. I think it has been the American extra caution syndrome from our weather man, we could have sailed direct without putting on the break. Distance to go 410 nM, might arrive Horta Late Monday evening or early Tuesday

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