the gale that dissaperad

The wind disappeared so we had to motor during the night, no excitement what so ever, a few squalls one with a massive amount of rain flushing all salts of Kerpa, but the salt will soon be back again.
I was looking forward a bit to have some rough weather to see how we and Kerpa handles tougher conditions, now we have to wait for another occasion to experience that. swell still rather large so ride a bit bumpy. The captain was tiered so I slept well, Kerstin took my watch so now I’m on again. just after dawn the wind picked up and now we are reaching with good speed towards Horta. I’m very pleased that our cutter jib now working well under this conditions, we have thought of take the whole thing off the boat but now decided to make sure it work in all conditions. The last nights have been very cooled so all clothes available have been used. Last 24 h 138 nM
Distance to go 280 nM after 11 days at sea, guess we will make landfall Tuesday at noon.

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