Day 1 towards A Coruna

The forecast was for light wind so we expected a lot of motoring, but to our delight the wind picked up, just as we left Ponta Delgada, with pooled out genoa and main we had speed around 8 kn for a few hours. As wind eased we sat our Balooner, and speed was despite true wind 9-10 kn exceeding 5 kn. The wind direction went more to west so we had to take down the Balooner in the middle of the night. Not much speed during night and morning, we tried different sail combinations and different courses including the mizzen stay sail. Worked so so. Now we are back with the Balooner and speed is +/-4,5 kn, not to bad as apparent wind is 3-6 kn. We can not expect much more wind for the coming 24 hours, but as long we do not need to motor we are pleased. Non of us have slept much during the night and at dawn we felt very tiered, but when the sun starts to shine one feels no longer tiered, pay back comes tonight, guess we both will be very tiered by tomorrow morning. We have had visits b
y dolphins a few times, they play for a while 10-15 minutes, then off they go, one always feel extra happy after such visits. Weather is good mostly sunshine and pleasant temperature both day and night.

Pos N 38 36 W 23 12 at 11:00 UTC
24 h distance 139 nM 5,8 kn average
Distance remaining 733 nM

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