An eventfull day

Day two was an eventful day even though progress was slow as wind was in low singled digits from behind. Our Balooner did a good job until wind direction shifted and we had to take it down. Of course it started to rain rather heavy and we got wet so did the cockpit as it was wide open. Well just to dry our self and the cockpit. It was raining for a few hours and then as the rain stopped so did the wind and we had to engage our engine. After about two hours the wind came back and while sailing Kerstin prepared our evening meal. She was almost finished with the dinner, when I discovered that we had a fish on one of our lures. A break in the dinner cocking and together we started to haul in a nice tuna, while hauling the tuna, we discovered that we had a tuna on an other lure as well. Soon the after deck looked more as a butcher floor than anything else. While Kerstin toke care of the fish I started to clean the deck. That’s the drawback with fishing it gets very messy and slippery on deck. When almost ready it was time to haul in the last lure and untangle a mess of lures and strings, then I noticed that the lure was gone on the third and last tackles. We have had a fish on all three lures, never happened before. When looking outside in the water one could se fishes all around the boat fascinating. Do not know if they were locking for missing fish friends ( sad thought) or eating from the remains from the tunas we were cleaning? While looking at the fish in the water I discovered a big sperm whale very close to Kerpa closer than when we were on whale watching in Horta just recently, maybe two boat length from us. Finally we had close encounter with a large whale! It surfaced a few times and blew then it disappeared. Now it was time to continue with the dinner which was enjoyed after the sun was below the horizon.
I the middle of the night Kerstin poured a hot cup of tea over her self so she had to cool down her self with some ice from the freezer, looked as she was successful with that no burn mark visible now.

Progress during the night have been very uneven sometimes below 3 knots then 5 knots for a while average ended up just below 4 knots.
08:00 we are closed hauled heading East instead of NE as we want speed first 5 kn , but falling so now we are motoring wind about 2-3 kn! 24 h distance 111 nM whereof 18 nM by engine
Position N 39 36 W 21 14 UTC 11:00
Distance to go 625 nem

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