Wind is picking up

Yesterday started with very weak wind so we motored for 7 hours before we could set sail again, progress was rather good even though not much wind as we have the current with us, maybe 0,5 kn, not much you might think, but 3,3 kn feels much better than 2,8 kn. The wind increased slowly and by midnight speed was close to 7 kn, which we still average. Wind is now 14 to 18 km from SW the forecast say ca 15 kn until sunset, so we enjoy as long as it last. Going is rather gentle as waves from behind. Autopilot is not excellent course varies sometimes +/- 15 degrees from set course even though waves are maybe 1 m so waves should not be a problem for the autopilot.

Yesterday’s dinner; fresh tuna with ratatouille tasted divine with a glass of a good white whine.

Position N 40 47 W 18 31 UTC 11:00
Distance day three 143 nM where off 102 by sail.
Distance to go 482 nM
Weather cloudy rain is hanging in the air,

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