Day 4

Progress continues in a slow pace 131 nM the last 24 h where off 25 nM by engine when it was not possible to sail, the waves made the sails “slam” rather violently and I do not know how long they would have stayed in one piece.
Now ca 10 kn wind form behind speed around 5 knots. If one believes the forecast wind will drop tonight and tomorrow mid day it will shift to southerly wind 12 to 15 kn and heavy rain. Today we have improved the impregnating on our Bimini as we noticed yesterday during a gentle rain that it was needed. 12 to 15 kn will give us good speed beam reaching the last day and a half.

Dinner last night was a delicious tuna soup and a glass of white wine, as long as the sea state is not to bad we enjoy very good food aboard, Kerstin doing a great job in the galley. Pos N 41 42 W 15 56.
355 Nm to A Coruna.

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