Not much wind

Almost becalmed since midnight. Engine has worked on low revs since until this morning. A bit boring to motor, but if we believe the latest forecast wind should pick up around 1300 to 10 kn and go from westerly to southerly and by midnight wind between 12 to 18 kn and if so we might reach A Coruna just before dark. So some excitement! Will we make it before it gets dark? We do not like to enter a marina we never been to during the dark hours unless they have someone there to guide us in. We have mailed the marina hopefully we get an answer if we can enter after dark. With southerly wind it should be very well protected. We do now long to get our feet’s on solid ground so we have taken an optimistic view, the wind will come! hence we trottled up the engine at 09:00 this morning so now we are motoring at 6,5 kn, urgent ETA is 2100 tomorrow so if wind picks up we should beam reach at + 7 kn and make it before dark. Pos N 42 29 W 13 08 UTC 11:00
Distance last 24 h 138 nM where off 57 by engine
Distance to go 225 nM

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